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A Bit(e) of Foodie for the Soul…

I’m Tijani (but, call me TJ), a food lover (addict, let’s be real) who decided to share her love of food and cooking journey with you!


Cooking has always been a big part of my life, from my first go at homemade lasagna at age 13 (check out my signature – improved over the years – recipe here).


I have been cooking my whole life and love learning new techniques and getting inspiration from different sources.


I started this blog to chronicle my journey creating, learning about, and most importantly eating all kinds of food! Look at this as a resource for me and you…come with me on this journey – and don’t be shy to drop me a line with your feedback, questions, and comments!

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Ever wonder how it’s done? We’re here to take the guess-work out of cooking and make it fun!


Original recipes and twists on your favourites! We love coming up with this stuff on our own, but will always test out new recipe (with credit) when we come across something delicious and unique!


Not necessarily looking for a recipe – just want to ogle some food? Take a virtual bite out of the endless food porn!