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When I say the best – I’m not making grand claims here, this recipe simply is THE BEST ribs recipe you will ever come across.  I say this because I have experimented with different methods of making ribs and this combination of slow cooking the meat in the sauce for a few hours and then transferring the tender rack(s) of ribs to the barbecue just makes the most delectable result with barely any effort.

Slow Cooker Ribs | Foodie for the Soul

Slow Cooker Ribs | Foodie for the Soul
Realistically, you could just slow cook the ribs and then broil for a few minutes in the oven as well until the edges get nicely caramelized and a bit burnt.  Either way you choose, it’s the slow cooker that does the bulk of the work and you never have to worry that the meat won’t be fall off the bone.

Please don’t skip any of the steps as much as you can – particularly the seasoning of the meat before placing it in the slow cooker is key to getting the maximum amount of flavour and tenderness that you can.  Check out the recipe after the jump!

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One of my favourite meals growing up was my mom’s chicken fajitas.  I could easily eat a bunch of the over-stuffed tortillas before I could get enough.

Chicken Fajitas | Foodie for the Soul

This recipe is easy to cook either on a bbq or a pan in your kitchen.  This time around we chose the former option, and even stuck the tortillas on the grill on a low heat before eating.

Chicken Fajitas | Foodie for the Soul

Don’t forget to give different toppings a try!  Rice, beans, pico de gallo (recipe here) avocado/guacamole, salsa, radishes, etc all work well with fajitas.  Check out the recipe after the jump!